6/1/17 - On Hiatus
Unfortunately, I think it is time to give Canis an official break. As I look to the future of play-by-post roleplaying I can see that now is not the time to fight for a place in the dwindling boards2go community for Canis. I love this site so much, I'm incredibly proud of it and have loved posting with each and every one of you whether you spent a day with us or the entire year of our active game play. However, I really do believe that play-by-post roleplaying's future lies in forums.
If you need to access any of the boards to retrieve HTML, the list of boards can be found here. Everything else has been archived to protect my intellectual property and coding.
I welcome you to join me on my friend's newly opened site, North of Nowhere. (I'm bringing Velta there, and an older character of mine, Soldat.) If you have any questions or concerns about how to integrate into forums, please get in touch with me! Its really not as bad or scary as those deeply ingrained in the boards2go community seem to think. XD
I still do hope to revamp and give Canis another try once I am more familiar with the inner workings of forum websites. If you would like to receive information about the future of Canis, please let me know!

Here are my forms of contact if you'd like to keep in touch:
Skype: CastleGraphics
Discord: Castle#6111
Chatango: xxcastle
Kik: katze021
Facebook: Contact me on another method first!

Until we meet again, I wish you all the best! <3

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